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Approved Used

Approved Used Approved Used

Quality Approved machines at great value for money sourced from UK farms by our own sales team. Fully check over and inspected by our serivce team before it sets out on its next adventure.

Weaving GD Caddy Drill (6m)

Weaving GD6000T Direct Disc Drill 
Year of Manufacture: 2017 / Working Width: 6m
Grain Only, Stocks AG Rotor Meter (130 L), Hydraulic Markers, Road Lights, RDS iSOCAN Controls, GPS Forward Speed Sensor, Hydraulic Fan & Oil Cooler, 2 Rows of Coulters (166mm spacing), Roll Over Hopper Cover, Mitas Flotation Tyres. 
This drill is offered with all new wearing parts, 1 Year’s Warranty and field set up when needed.

Weaving Tine Drill (6m)

Year of Manufacture: 2005 / Working Width: 6 metres
3 rows ot tines, 3 section following harrow, hydraulic markers, double pre-emergence markers, PTO Fan. 


Standard Specification:
Fixed central linkage, gearbox with free wheel protection, 300mm diameter rear roller, double row of counter knives, opening rear inspection door, reinforced rotor and flail hangers, extra heavy duty hammer & 3 ‘Y’ flails. The 2.8M DT, is fitted with a 6 belt double drive with over run PTO shaft. 



Standard Specification:
Fixed central linkage, gearbox with free wheel protection, 300mm diameter rear roller, double row of counter knives, opening rear inspection door, reinforced rotor and flail hangers, extra heavy duty hammer & 3 ‘Y’ flails, 5 belt drive.


Accord DL Drill

Working Width: 4 metres
PTO Fan, Bout Markers and Double Pre-Emergence Markers, Manual Metering.
2 rows of suffolk coulters, spider finger following harrows. 

Gaspardo 6-Row Precision Drill

6-Row air drill set to work on 1.8m beds, complete with front smoot roller, front and rear press wheels and adjustable row widths.
Year of Manufacture: 2001

Krause No-Till Drill (4m)

Year of Manufacture: 2002 / Working Width: 4m / Trailed
Hydraulic folding, hydraulic fan, double Accord metering unit, Front cutting discs, double disc opener, rear following harrow. 
New wearing parts to be fitted. This drill is sold complete with 1 year’s guarantee and field set up as needed. 

Kuhn Haybob 360

Spreading & Tedding
Spreads 3 metres and rows up to 3.6m 
Very little work. 

Kverneland 8-Row Optima Drill

Pneumatic 8-row units, fertiliser hopper, markers, electric controls, variable rate cogs, set at 40cm spacings. 
This drill is in good working order for age (Year of Manufacture: 1999) 

Maschio Power Harrow (3m)

Working Width: 3 metre
Rear crumbler roller, Clod board, 80% bolt on tines, heavy duty gearbox, slip clutch, fully guarded, no welds. 
In good working order. 

Sicma Mistral Combi Drill (4m)

Sicma Power Harrow King 4000
Year of Manufacture: 1997
Bolt on tines, 550 Packer roller

Mistral drill, Year of Manufacture: 1997
2 Rows of Suffolk Coulters, Single following harrow, Accord metering, Hydraulic markers, RDS controls, Clean and tidy for age, Fully checked over by us, Sold by us from new.

Stanhay Rallye 592 Precision Drill

6 row, complete with markers, front openers, front and rear press wheels. Top level wheel metering unit, variable gearbox and instruction manual. 
This machine is in excellent condition, having done very little work. 

Weaving Short Disc (6m)

Year of Manufacture: 2019

2 Rows of scalloped discs with sealed bearings, full width V ring packer roller, hydraulic folding, hydraulic depth control, lower link arm hitch, LED road lights. 
1 year’s warranty, Fully checked over. 

Weaving Shortdisc 3m

Year of Manufacture: 2015 / Working Width: 3 metres
Description to follow...

Weaving Subdisc (3m)

Year of Manufacture: 2013 / Working Width: 3 metres
7 legs over 2 rows, 12 scalloped discs on a single row and guttler roller with adjustable scraper bar.
Hydraulic depth control, side boards, road lights and simple knock on points. 

Weaving Subdisc (3m) with OSR Seeder

Year of Manufacture: 2012 / Working Width: 3 metres
7 legs, 1 row of scalloped discs, hydraulic depth adjustment, Guttler roller with scrapers and side board.  
Complete with Gravity Fed OSR Seeder

Edlington Rolls

Cambridge Rolls
Working Width: 6 metre
24” rings with breakers, front paddle boards, hydraulic folding, 
Good condition

Farmforce Stubble Grubber

3 metre working width, 9 legs, front depth wheels. 

Franquet Folding Cultivator

Hydraulic Folding Cultivator
Working Width: 6 metres
Front Roller, 5 rows of spring tines, double rear roller. 
This machine is in very good working order. 

Guttler Stubble Rake (6m)

Working Width: 6m, Transportation Width: 2.8m
46 Heavy Duty Tines over 5 rows for trash clearance. 
Manual lock, lights. following harrow. 

Fast cultivator from 1/2” to 3” depth. Strong machine, done less than 100 acres. 

NRH Rolls

Cambridge Rolls
Working Width: 6 metre, Transport width: 2.5 metre
24” rings with breakers, hydraulic folding, 3 sections
60mm High tensile axles

Tecmagri CTM73 Stubble Rake

7m Stubble Rake
Hydraulic Folding, 6 Rows of Heavy Duty Special Spring tines, 4 Depth Wheels.
Year of Manufacture: 2000
Very good condition. 

Tulip Roterra 300-35

Year of Manufacture: 2010 / Working Width: 3m
Full width packer roller, clod board, lely club bolt on tines. 

Kuhn/Accord Combi Drill (4m)

Working Width: 4m
Model: DAS / HR4001
Accord DAS: Hydraulic Markers, Double Pre-Em Markers, Manual Metering, Hopper Extention, 2 Rows of Suffolk Coulters.
Kuhn HR4001: Bolt on Tines, Wheel Eradicators, Packer Roller.

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