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Approved Used

Approved Used Approved Used

Quality Approved machines at great value for money sourced from UK farms by our own sales team. Fully check over and inspected by our serivce team before it sets out on its next adventure.

*NEW - DIY PARTS* Double Disc Opener

Ideal for planting rape either side of subsoil legs

6 per metre for cereals 
2 Discs with leading edge
Seed tube with fertiliser tube available
2" Rubber press wheel
Spring adjustable tensioner
Slotted easy depth control
Very robust construction

Front Tank Combi Drill (4m)

Weaving 1.5Ton Front Tank
Guttler PRess
Electric Metering
Hydraulic Fan

Weaving Tine Drill, 4 metre rigid
3 Rows of tines
Full width following harrow
Hydraulic markers

Connect to any power harrow or use just as a tine drill

Weaving Tine Drill (4m)

Working Width: 4m
3 Rows of auto-reset tines
Full width following harrow
Hydraulic markers
PTO fan drive
Double pre-emergence markers

1 year’s warranty
Field Set Up 

Krause No-Till Drill (4.8m)

A great machine for a good start into no-till drilling or low disturbance farming

Year 2002
2 Ton Hopper   |   Hydraulic Fan
25 Front Cutting Discs  |   25 Double Disc Openers
Hydraulic Markers   |    200mm Row Spacing
Accord Metering with RDS   |   Basic Electric Controls
Full Width Rear Following Harrow
1 year’s Warranty and Field Set Up

Kuhn Maxima Maize Drill

Kuhn Maxima
8 Row Folding Maize Drill

Tidy machine, done very little work. 

Fully adjustable row widths
Weight 2500Kg
Double Disc Openers with double press wheels
Hydraulic Markers
Electronic Seed Counter Monitor
Instruction Manual

Year of Manufacture: 2012
S/N C0544

Matermacc Mounted G&F Drill (3m) *SHOP-SOILED*

25 Disc Coulters 
Very Close Spacing
Grain & Fertilisers
Disc Separators
Depth Contrl
Following Harrow
Hydraulic Markers
Ideal for game cover and grass seed

Sicma Mistral Combi Drill (4m)

Sicma Power Harrow King 4000
Year 1997
Bolt on tines
550 Packer roller

Mistral drill
Year 1997
2 Rows of Suffolk Coulters
Single following harrow
Accord metering
Hydraulic markers
RDS controls
Clean and tidy for age
Fully checked over by us
Sold by us from new

Stanhay 12 Row Precision Drill

12 Row
Mark 2 Boxes
Hydraulic Folding
3 sets of 4 Row Swivelling Boxes for Ground following
Electric monitor
Front Openers
Multi Drive Units
Cat II Linkage
Ceramic Points
Hydraulic Markers
Sugar Beet Belts
Spare Tyre

In very good order for age

Farmforce Stubble Buster (6m)

6m Heavy Duty Spring Tine Harrow
Full width heavy duty Sumo Packer Roller
Hydraulic Folding

Can be used with just the tines working independent to the packer roller. 
Good machine for getting some ground moved after the wet weather. 


Guttler Simplex Cultivator

Hydraulic Folding Front Press
3 Rows of Spring Tines
Full width rubber guttler roller
Side boards
Very clean and tidy, like new. 

Weaving 'Top' Cultivators

Auto-Reset Legs
‘V’ Ring Roller
Levelling Discs 
Will work to 30cm depth with no wings
One pass cultivator
Extremely Strong
Fast to use
3-metre 10 Legs 200kg 

Weaving SubDisc I (3,5m)

2 Rows of Shakaerator Legs with knock on points
Hydraulic Adjustment Discs
Full Width Gutler Press
Stocks gravity fed seeder
Electric Drive with Spreader Plates

Manufactured in 2012
Serial No. 11014939-2012
Stock No. 11025376

Cousins Sidewinder Rolls

Working Width: 12 metre
Transport Width: 3 metres
Weight: Approx 8500 Kg

22 inch c/w breaker rings
Flotation Tyres
Ring Hitch

Year: 2007

McConnel Shakaerator (3m)

3m McConnel Beans & OSR Drill
7 Weaving LD Legs over 2 Rows
Full width DD Packer Roller
Accord Hopper with Accord metering unit and Hydraulic fan drive.
Ideal for drilling beans down the leg or OSR in front of the Packer.


McConnel Shakaerator (3m)

3m McConnel Shakaerator
7  Legs, New Points
Heavy Duty Packer Roller
PTO Vibrator
Complete with: Soft Hammer & Goggles



Brevi Mekfold 6M Folding Power Harrow

6m folding power harrow
Full width Packer Roller
Hydraulic Depth Control
Q Fit Tines
Road Lights
Wheel Eradicators

Year of Manufacture: 2013
Serial No. E4100009

Frandent Power Harrow (6m)

Frandent 6 Metre Power Harrow
Year 2004
550 Packer roller
Rear clod boards
200HP gear box
Center leveling tine

Kelly Harrow (6m)
11024047 / 11024138 

Galvernised frame
Fitted with GL1 discs
Sealed for life bearings
The ultimate one pass chitting tool

Kuhn Folding Combi Drill (5m)

Kuhn Folding Combi Drill 
Model: HR5004 Power Harrow
Q Fit tines (new ones to be fitted)
Maxi Packer Roller
Venta 5000 mcr
Electric Metering
Hydraulic Fan
Double Disc Opener
Rubber Press
Hydraulic Markers
Double Pre-Emergence Markers
Full Width Following Harrow
Year of Manufacture: 2012

Kuhn Folding Power Harrow (6m)

Kuhn Folding Power Harrow
Year of Manufacture: 1997
Working Width: 6m

Bolt on tines
Clod board
Maxi packer roller

Kuhn Rigid Power Harrow (4m)

Kuhn Rigid Power Harrow
Model: HR4004
Year of Manufacture: 2010
Working Width: 4m
Serial No. A1976

Q Fit Tines
Maxi Packer
Rear Clodboard
Good Wearing Parts
Well looked after, one owner from new

Pottinger 6000 Lion

Very little work from new, great machine – ideal for combination – heavy duty.

Taper Bearings – heavy machine
”Q” Fit Tines (22)
Double Cam Clutch
Rear Clodboard
500 Packer Roller
350 Rotor Speed
Max HP: 300
Weight: 4,280 Kg
Year: 2017

S/N: 8770001187
Stock No: 11025630

Simon 1.85M Bedformer

Year 2014
S/N 27797
H/D gearbox
Cam clutch
Side discs
Hydraulic depth wheels
Twin rotor
Good blades

Done very little work from one owner

*NEW* 6' Topper

This brand new 6' single blade field topper is suitable for small tractors from 30HP on Cat I or II linkage, perfect for general topping, strong and great value with a heavy duty gear box and PTO with shear bolt protection. Single rota with heavy duty swinging blades, adjustable skids, manual off-set.

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