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Agrimaster FN

Verge Mower

This rear mounted, right hand operated machine can be used ‘in line’ behind the tractor or offset. It is ideal for cutting ditches and banks safely and easily. The hood is manufactured from FE510 high tensile and high impact steel making it suitable for the most challenging of conditions. It can be used in a vertical position which makes it the ideal tool for siding oversized hedges. The unique cutting action throws material over the top of the roller, keeping the cutting rotor clean & leaving a cleaner cut.

Agrimaster FN

Standard Specification:

540 RPM gearbox with free wheel suitable for tractors of 70HP – 140HP. KPT Flails, Side skids, hydraulic break back, rear roller, automatic belt tensioner and reinforced rotor. Two double acting spools required. Self levelling hitch. All complete with reinforced rotors.

Agrimaster FN

Price ex VAT
Price ex VAT

Weaving Pay As You Farm

Various finance options are available, subject to status. Please contact us for further information.
Example for an FN260 (2.6M), standard specification:

1 + 4 Annual Payments: £1,537 over 5 years.
1 + 5 Annual Payments: £1,319 over 6 years.