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Mounted IR Drill

Inter-Row Companion Crop Drilling

The mounted IR Drill is an affordable, flexible and manoeuvrable inter-row companion crop drill, designed for drilling grass seed or cover crops between rows of maize to minimalise soil erosion and compaction in the following crop. 
The IR Drill is suitable for all farm sizes. A slim line 300 Litre hopper is fitted with an easily accessible volumetric metering system and accompanied by RDS Artemis Lite controls - calibration is fast and simple.
Proven double disc opener with a rubber press wheel and sprung tension. 
A guide of 80HP + is recommended.

Standard Specification:
300L Hopper, RDS Artemis Lite controls with GPS forward speed monitoring, hydraulic fan, a single row of coulters, with a row spacing of 187.5mm & road lights.


In the field

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Prices (ex. VAT)

Price ex VAT

Pay As You Farm

Various finance options available to suit your budget.
Finance examples for an IR Drill with standard specification:

Pay £4,960 per annum for 5 years (1 + 4)

Pay £523 per month for 48 months (0 + 48)

Pay nothing for 12 months, then pay £5,157 for 5 years (0 + 5).

Contact us for a tailor made quote.

Key Features

Electric Metering Unit

Double Disc Opener with Rubber Press Wheel

Hydraulic Side Shift

Hydraulic Fan

Adjustable Row Spacing

Front Depth Wheel