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Fenix Grass Drill

Grassland Re-Seeding Drill

PRECISE METERING: The Accord metering unit guarantees a repeatable metering dose ranging from 1.8 to 400 kg/ha. Suitable for fine and coarse grains, with no need to replace the metering rollers. Easy adjustment and accurate settings ensure seamless seed dosing.

UNIFORM SEEDING: A single dose of seeds metered by the metering unit is transported pneumatically with a vertical corrugated tube to the distributor, which uniformly distributes the seeds to the coulters.

EFFICIENT FAN: The hydraulic fan is driven from the tractor hydraulic system. The oil flow rate in the hydraulic motor amounts to 24 l/min, with a minimum required capacity of 70 l/min. 

SEED HOPPER: Equipped with a uniform seed hopper with a 1000 m3 volume, a corrugated tube and grain distributor which is located directly above the coulter. This facilitates gravitational feeding of the seeds to the seeding coulters (meaning that clogging is unlikely).

PRECISE OIL FLOW ADJUSTMENT: Equipped with an oil flow controller, which enables smooth adjustment of the oil quantity fed to the hydraulic motor, and consequently allows for the adjustment of the overpressure which determines the pressure under which the seeds are transported to the distributor. This is particularly important when fine, lightweight seeds are sown at shallow depths.

ROBUST BORON STEEL COULTERS: A simple 405 x 6 mm disc, made of hardened boron steel, cuts the grass under 90 Kg pressure, leaving room for the cultivator point which introduces the seeds to the desired depth. The discs are fixed to individual holders and secured with rubber shock absorbers. The distance between the first and the second coulters row is 60 cm. Maintenance-free conical bearings ensure long-lasting and failure-free operation.

COULTER OPERATION DEPTH ADJUSTMENT: Vertical mechanical adjustment of the coulters area is a simple and durable solution which guarantees sowing the seeds to the right depth.

450/500 PRISMATIC ROLLER:  the roller consists of cast iron rings with two diameters – the smaller ring (450 mm diameter) adheres tightly to the roller axis, while the bigger ring (500 mm) moves on the inner side of the smaller ring, ensuring very good cleaning of the outer surface. Owing to such design, the material does not stick to the roller, even if the ground is wet, ensuring very good ground following. The cast iron rings crush lumpy material very well and close the furrows made by the coulters.

Standard Specification:
3 metre working width, 140 HP requirement, 1,000L Hopper, 32 disc coulters, Accord metering unit, RDS Artemis Lite, electric drive, hydraulic fan, 95Kg ground pressure, maintenance-free sealed bearings, rubber shock absorbers, folded rear loading step with a security hand-rail & LED road lights.

Model Fenix 3000M
Working width (m) 3
Hourly output (ha) 3.5
Row spacing (mm) 90
Coulter pressure (kg) 95
No. of coulters 32
Recommended power requirement (hp) 140
Frame type Rigid
Working speed (km) 10-14
Road transport width (m) 3
Weight (kg) 3135
Height (m) 2
Depth (m) 1.8
Hopper capacity (l) 1000
Hydraulic Fan Standard
Metering Unit Accord
Metering control: RDS Artemis Lite
Tramlining: Optional
Slug/Fert/OSR Applicator Optional

All our drills come with 1 year’s warranty and field set up by one of our skilled service technicians. 

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Prices (ex. VAT)

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Pay As You Farm

Various finance options available to suit your budget.
Finance examples for a Fenix Drill with standard specification:

Pay £7,105 per annum for 5 years (1 + 4)

Pay £732 per month for 48 months (0 + 48)

Pay nothing for 12 months, then pay £7,015 for 5 years (0 + 5).

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Key Features

Full Width 550mm Cast Roller

Removable Wafer Weights

2 Rows of Serrated Discs on Rubber Torsion Bars

4" Crary Fan

Hardened Seed Tube with Weaving Rubber Exhaust Boot

1 Ton Hopper with Accord Metering Unit and Electric Metering