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Brevi 8-row Strip Till Rotavator

Working Width: 6m / Year of Manufacture: 2022

If you are a large farmer or a contractor who needs to cultivate in rows prior to planting, the Brevi Strip Till Rotavator is perfect for you. It preserves the soil structure and prevents soil erosion to create the best germination conditions. The rotor has segments that are enclosed by dividers. These dividers cut through the ground and separate the cultivated area from the non-cultivated. The front sub soiler loosens and lifts the soil down to 8 inches improving its drainage and water storage capacity, leading to higher yields. The rear hydraulic packer roller compacts and reconsolidates the soil before sowing.

8 low disturbance legs, 75cm leg spacing, bolt on tines, 31cm row width, hydraulic packer roller, hydraulic folding, CAT III linkage.

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Various finance options available to suit your budget.

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Pay £9,273 per annum for 5 years (1 + 4)

Pay £8,000 per annum for 6 years (1 + 5)

Monthly payment options available. Subject to status. Contact us for a tailor made quote.