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Weaving Machinery stock over 7,000 parts for any make or model of agricultural machinery and equipment. Not all Parts that we stock are listed on the website, if you cannot find the specific item that you are looking for, please contact our Stores on 01386 49155.

All prices quoted for our parts are subject to an additional delivery charge, according to region.


Stone Point
Mandam Shortdisc Disc
Subdisc Disc
Subdisc Shakaerator Leg
Subdisc Shin
'T' Flail
'Y' Flail
KPT Flail
Paddle Flail
XB Flail
Brevi Hardened Scraper
Brevi Quick Fit Tine
Brevi Scraper
Brevi Tine
Double Sucker
T2 PTO Shaft
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