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Mammut Silo Cat

Shear grab SILO CAT
Professional silage extraction technology assures feed quality

From mowing to the loading of feed into flat silos – many important factors need to be taken into account to achieve optimum feed quality. However, it is not only the silage making process that is essential for high-quality feed – the ongoing extraction of silage also has an influence on the daily quality of feed. The aim here is to use an appropriate technique to keep the cut surface clean and accurate, preventing the ingress of air and the development of yeast and fungal mould. With the SILO CAT shear grabs from Mammut, you can be assured of a precise cut during extraction from the silo, and the silo contents remain firm and unimpaired. These silage shears are perfectly suited to grass silage. From Type H, they also enable round bales to be divided up effortlessly.

The mid-sized design for rear mounting, large front loaders or wheeled loaders

The SILO CAT Type M is the mid-sized series of MAMMUT silage shears and is therefore a universal device that can be rear-mounted on any tractor, front loader or on wheeled loaders and telehandlers. With a block height of 80 cm, depending on model width, you can achieve extraction volumes of 1.05 to 1.36 m³.

SC 170M: 1.69m working width, 0.8m block height, 0.78m block depth, 1.0m3 filling volume, 110m cylinder diameter, 655kg weight, 14 tines, 2 Ram.
Type M, the medium version, is the most universal device. It fits on any tractor up to 100 PS and also on large hydraulic loaders. Popular Europe-wide and in use in high numbers.

High design for rear-mounting, wheeled loaders and telehandlers

This type is ideally suited to rear mounting on tractors with power ratings of more than 100 hp as well as for wheeled loaders and telehandlers. Thanks to the big opening height of 1.10 m, the SILO CAT H is also able to split and cut up round bales conveniently. With a block volume of 1.48 to 2.12 m³, this series offers versatile options for use on larger farms because of their powerful technology.

SC 195H: 1.94m working width, 1.10m block height, 0.80m block depth, 1.71m3 filling volume, 930m cylinder diameter, 655kg weight, 16 tines, 2 Ram.
Type H was developed especially for large block heights and tractors over 100 PS. (Lifting frame up to 2.3 m possible). Silofox H models are also Ideal for cutting up round bales.

SC 240H: 2.41m working width, 1.1m block height, 0.80m block depth, 2.12m3 filling volume, 110m cylinder diameter, 1,100kg weight, 20 tines, 4 Ram. 
Type H was developed especially for large block heights and tractors over 100 PS. (Lifting frame up to 2.3 m possible). Silofox H models are also Ideal for cutting up round bales.

The Profi model for large wheeled loaders and high extraction quantities

The largest type in the SILO CAT series enables enormous quantities of silage to be removed quickly but carefully on big carrier vehicles. With an opening height of 1.30 m and a block volume of up to 3.13 m³ this range of models for professional farms leaves no wish unanswered. The SILO CAT XL can also split up round bales effortlessly.

SC 240XL: 2.41m working width, 1.3m block height, 1.00m block depth, 3.13m3 filling volume, 100m cylinder diameter, 1,750kg weight, 20 tines, 4 Ram. 
Type XL, the heavy-duty for the large quantities.

Model SC170M SC195H SC240H SC240XL
Width (m) 1.69 1.94 2.41 2.41
Height (m) 0.8 1.1 1.1 1.3
Depth (m) 0.78 0.8 0.8 1
Volume (m³) 1.05 1.71 2.12 3.13
Weight (kg) 655 930 1,110 1750
No. of Cylinders 2 2 2 4
Cylinder Ø (mm) 110 110 110 100
No. of Tines 14 16 20 20

In the field

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Prices (ex. VAT)

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Price ex VAT

Pay As You Farm

Various finance options available to suit your budget.
Finance examples for a SC 170M with standard specification:

Pay £770 per annum for 5 years (1 + 4)

Pay £81 per month for 48 months (0 + 48)

Pay nothing for 12 months, then pay £800 for 5 years (0 + 5).

Contact us for a tailor made quote.

Key Features

Hinged Base Plate which prevents disintegration losses when it comes to fine-grain silage.

Any Brackets to suit your Loader

Heavy Duty Pivot Pin

Leaves Clean Face After Cutting

The welded Hardox cutting knife guarantees very low cutting resistance in the silo.

Compact but Strong, built for any task.