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Agrimaster AF

Forestry Flail Mower

This front or rear mounted forestry flail is suitable for clearing overgrown areas of land with bushes, heather and small trees. The AF has the ability to cut stalks up to 3 metres in length and up to 14cm in diameter. 

The hood is manufactured from FE510 high tensile and high impact steel, making it suitable for the most difficult of conditions.

Agrimaster AF

Standard Specification:

Heavy duty gearbox with free wheel and single transmission. Height adjustable skids. Auto-belt tensioner. Hydraulic Hood. 360o Swing Hammer Flails.  

Agrimaster AF

Price ex VAT

Weaving Pay As You Farm

Various finance options are available, subject to status. Please contact us for further information.
Example for an AF 260 (2.6m), standard specification:

1 + 4 Annual Payments: £2,893 over 5 years.
1 + 5 Annual Payments: £2,483 over 6 years.