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Standard Spec

4 rows of 12mm tines with tungsten tips and stainless steel adjustable seed tubes. 2,000L hopper and tank sieve, colour touch screen RDS iSOCAN controls with GPS forward speed monitoring, wide floatation wheels, hydraulic depth control, wheel eradicators, a double row of following “z” harrows and LED road and work lights, all within a transport width of 3.0 Metres. ISOBUS Ready. 

The Sabre Drill has made low disturbance crop establishment simple and intuitive since launch, offering precise placement of seed while avoiding trash blockages and unnecessary downtime. 

The new and revamped version makes several key adjustments, all serving to make the Sabre even more accessible and powerful for everyday use. Following intense development and testing, new features include:

Revamped and easier calibration process
Relocated depth wheels that bring the weight closer to the tractor
Hydraulic depth control instead of manual adjustment
Side-to-side rolling pivot for more precise contouring
Ability to handle large quantities of trash
Simple depth adjustment of the seeding coulter 


Calibration is simple and quick using the single point discharge chute and screw adjustable metering mechanism. The corrosion-proof metering unit is maintenance free and will maintain its accuracy season after season. Complete discharge of the hopper is made quick and easy with the emptying hatch. Calibration has now been greatly improved with the two-piece toolbar fold making access to the metering unit virtually unhindered.


Field conditions, seed types and varieties can change and the Weaving Sabre Tine drill working depth can be altered quickly to match. The ability to raise and lower the depth wheels hydraulically removes the need for strenuous manual adjustment, giving you more precise control over the drilling depth and your farming strategy. 

Model Sabre 3000M Sabre 4800M Sabre 6000M Sabre 6400M Sabre 7200M Sabre 8000M
Working width (m) 3 4.8 6 6.4 7.2 8
Hourly output (ha) 3.5 5.5 7 7.5 8.5 9.5
Row spacing (mm) 166 166 166 166 166 166
No. of coulters 18 28 36 38 42 48
Minimum power requirement (hp) 120 160 200 220 280 300
Frame type Rigid Folding Folding Folding Folding Folding
Working speed (km) 8-14 8-14 8-14 8-14 8-14 8-14
Road transport width (m) 2.99 2.95 2.95 2.95 2.95 2.95
Weight (kg) 2000 2800 3200 3300 3600 3900
Filling Height (m) 2.4 2.6 2.6 2.6 2.6 2.6
Depth (m) 3.85 3.85 3.85 3.85 3.85 3.85
Hopper capacity 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000
Hydraulic Fan Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard
Tramlining Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard
Pre-emergence markers Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Marker arms Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Avadex Applicator Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Slug/Fert/OSR Applicator Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Wheel scrapers Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard
GPS variable seed rate Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional


In the field

In motion

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Prices (ex. VAT)

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Price ex VAT

Pay As You Farm

Various finance options available to suit your budget.
Finance examples for a SABRE 6000M with standard specification:

Pay £11,850 per annum for 5 years (1 + 4)

Pay £1,240 per month for 48 months (0 + 48)

Pay nothing for 12 months, then pay £12,435 for 5 years (0 + 5).

Contact us for a tailor made quote.

Key Features

6 degree Wing Pivot for Ultimate Contour Following and Seed Placement

Wheel Eradicators

High Carbon Steel Leg with Tungsten and Adjustable Stainless Steel Tube

Hydraulic Depth Wheel with Aluminium Spacers

Double Z Following Harrow with Angle Adjustment

4 Rows of Tines for High Trash Clearance


Why the Sabre Drill?

Why did we choose Weaving’s Sabre Drill? We made the move after our previous disc drill couldn’t handle wet conditions. Seeing what the Sabre Drill could do, it was a no-brainer. It really makes precise crop establishment simple.

It’s done a great job so far. We went with the 4800M model. The output is unbelievable, you can cover a lot of ground and the pivoting wings follow the contours nicely. The crops all look well. I can’t fault the Sabre Drill really. It’s so cheap to run and, in today’s world, that matters.

I’ve drilled any time from August right up until December in quite heavy soils. No matter what the conditions are, we can always get on and drill. We can also combine the Sabre Drill with other equipment to fully lean into low disturbance crop establishment, so we’re ready to meet all the new environmental management requirements.

So far, the Sabre Drill has been brilliant. It’s excellent value for just how powerful and low cost to run it is, and can do the same job as other drills, if not even better.

Andrew Thomas