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Folding Combi Drill

The folding power harrow combination drills are complete with a Front Tank that has uncompromised visibility with left and right front cameras as standard. The toolbar consists of standard auto-reset tines for use in conventional drilling systems. Either fitted to your existing power harrow or a new machine to complete the drill.

Folding Combi Drill

Standard Specification:

1.5 Ton front tank, with a lift kit and a folding toolbar consisting of 3 Rows of auto-reset tines - 8 tines per Metre, 2 rows of following harrows, vertical hydraulic markers, hydraulic fan. 4M & 4.8M fitted with RDS Artemis Lite controls with GPS forward speed monitoring, 6M fitted with RDS iSOCAN controls with GPS forward speed monitoring and 2 metering units.
Does not include power harrow. 

Folding Combi Drill

Price ex VAT
Price ex VAT

Weaving Pay As You Farm

Various finance options are available, subject to status. Please contact us for further information.
Example for a 6M folding tined combi, standard specification:

1 + 4 Annual Payments: £5,555 over 5 years.
1 + 5 Annual Payments: £4,762 over 6 years.