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Subdisc II

This one pass cultivator has two rows of low draft legs with cast steel knock on points, which break through the pan, lifting and aerating the soil without bringing subsoil to the surface with a working depth of 10-40 cm. The large scalloped discs have sealed for life bearings and are individually mounted with rubber torsion bar suspension, chopping, mixing and levelling trash and soil together. Finally, the packer roller firms the finished tilth perfectly and is able to work in very wet conditions. All adjustments are spannerless, the legs, discs & roller can all be adjusted in seconds. Side boards are mounted within the machines frame reducing the overall transport width and flare out when in work. The Subdisc II comes complete with parking jacks, LED lights and an aluminium toolbox. Simple, proven, robust elements that lifts, chops, mixes and presses, with low HP requirement and running costs.

Standard Specification:
The Subdisc II has 2 rows of legs with knock on points, a single row of large Ø scalloped discs and and a full width 700mm Ø heavy duty 'V' ring packer roller. Side boards, LED lights and an aluminium toolbox are all fitted as standard.
Note the machine pictured has the previous style roller. 

Working width (m) 3 3.5
No. of legs 7 9
No. of discs 11 13
Working depth (cm) 10-40 10-40
Transport width (m) 3 3.5
Frame type Rigid Rigid
Linkage III III
LED road lights Standard Standard
Minimum power requirement (hp) 140 160


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Prices (ex. VAT)

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Price ex VAT

Pay As You Farm

Various finance options available to suit your budget.
Finance examples for a Subdisc II (3 metre, 7 leg) with standard specification:

Pay £3,721 per annum for 5 years (1 + 4)

Pay £385 per month for 48 months (0 + 48)

Pay nothing for 12 months, then pay £3,899 for 5 years (0 + 5).

Contact us for a tailor made quote.

Key Features

Low Cost Leg with Knock On Point & Replaceable Shin

560mm Cast Iron Guttler Roller

Aluminium Depth Spacers

Swinging Sideboard

Parking Stands

560mm Discs Mounted on Rubber Torsion Bar with Sealed for Life Bearings