Sabre Tine Drill


Low disturbance min-till and zero-till Sabre Tine drill. Featuring slim line heavy duty Sabre tines with tungsten tips and rubber shock absorbers. The three rows of tines have a large staggered configuration to avoid trash blockages. Tine angle is adjustable and the seed coulter tube slides up and down to allow for different sowing depths and seed types from oil seed rape to beans. Maximum sowing depth is 10cm (4”).



Standard Spec

1.5 Ton plastic hopper with cover. 3 rows of rubber mounted tines with tungsten low maintenance tips. Artemis Lite GPS metering, seed rate adjustment on the move, low level hopper sensor and area metering sensor. Wide flotation wheels, wing depth wheels and hydraulic depth control. Wheel eradicators, a double row of following harrows, heavy duty hydraulic markers and LED road lights with a transport width of 2.9 Metres.


Prices & Widths
Working WidthsPrice EX VAT

Optional Extras
Optional ExtraPrice EX VAT
GPS double pre-em marker£1,680
½ drill shut off - electric£900
Slug/Fertiliser/OSR applicator i-con controls (130 Litres)£5,200
Hydraulic fan drive£540
iSOCAN GPS metering£1,200
Avadex applicator (240 Litres)£7,500