Kelly Harrow


Developed in Australia to withstand severe conditions over thousands of trouble-free acres. Flexible disc design operates in a self-cleaning manner. Can work in a wide variety of soil types in dry and wet conditions. Low horse power requirements in relation to width. Very high daily work rates – up to 30 acres per hour. Diamond disc pattern produces a very level surface. Perfect shallow and thorough cultivation to incorporate stubbles and germinate weed seedlings, particularly valuable for controlling black-grass and decimate slug eggs. High quality product with high carbon discs. Very low wear rate combined with low fuel consumption and high work rates resulting in low operating costs.



Prices & Widths
Working WidthsPrice EX VAT
Kelly 6000 – 6.1M W width – 2.8M transport width£31,680
Kelly 9000 – 9.2M W width – 2.7M transport width£60,060
Kelly 12000 –12.6M W width – 3M transport width£75,240