New Agrimaster Compact Range

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New range of Compact Tractor Park and Garden
Maintenance Equipment.

Designed specifically for use with compact tractors from 15 to 35hp, the new range of Agrimaster mowers and trimmers is well suited to maintaining the appearance of large scale parks and gardens and associated grass areas.

Model XB. The new range includes the robust cat 1 three point linkage mounted XB in-line flail mowers with cutting widths of 132, 153 and 180cm. The XB range has a manual offsetting system to facilitate cutting outside the tractor width and tight against fences and walls. An adjustable full width 140mmØ rear roller controls the cutting height while leaving an attractive striped finish. The special “scoop” flails never need sharpening and give a clean cut while leaving the chopped material in an even carpet with no unsightly swath.

Ex works prices for the in line mowers:
XB 130 – £1,512 + VAT
XB 150 – £1,575 + VAT
XB 180 – £1,701 + VAT

Model XL. For mowing applications that include clearing ditches and siding of hedges, the new multi angle offsetting XL model is ideal. Matched to tractors of 700-900 kg, the 132, 153 and 180cm cutting width XLs can be positioned in a range of positions from directly behind the tractor to 2.36m offset from the centre of the tractor. This versatile XL range has a range of cutting head positions from vertical for hedge siding to 50° down for ditch mowing. It enjoys the same flail and roller benefits of the XB models. An hydraulic safety system protects the machine in the event of catching an obstruction.

Ex works prices for the XL offsetting mowers:
XL 130 – £2,412 + VAT
XL 150 – £2,790 + VAT
XL 180 – £2,970 + VAT

Giraffe. For a clean cut when light hedge trimming, the multi position Giraffe excels. The hydraulically powered 1.22m cutterbar will leave a clean cut finish on hedge growth up to 20mm thick. The articulated 2 arm construction allows trimming tight against the tractor for working in confined spaces or up to a maximum horizontal reach of 3.78m with the ability to reach over and trim the far side of most hedges. The light weight of the Giraffe of only 182kg makes it ideal for use with  tractors of down to 800kg. A tractor hydraulic output of 3 – 4l/m powers the cutterbar and the arm movements.

Ex works prices for the Giraffe:
1.2m cutter bar – £3,446 + VAT

Green Shark. For tractors of 1,000kg plus, the Green Shark flail hedge cutter range will trim hedges and mow ditches with its parallel action articulated arm.  The special “D” flails will cope with growth up to 25mm thick, leaving a shredded mulch that will decompose and eliminate the laborious task of clearing up. A mechanical safety breakaway device protects the arms from accidental damage. Precise positioning of the arms is made easy with the direct acting cable control system. A fully independent hydraulic system drives the cutting head and powers the arm movements for clean hands fitting and removal no risk of oil contamination.

Green Shark model:
320-80, 3.2m reach – 80cm cutting width – £4,320 + VAT
400-100, 4m reach – 100cm cutting width – £4,500 + VAT
500-120, 5m reach – 120cm cutting width – £5,760 + VAT

The Weaving compact tractor park and garden maintenance range is produced in conjunction with Agrimaster, a European leader in the manufacture of vegetation control equipment with a proud history of offering high specification equipment at very competitive prices. Weaving Machinery have enjoyed considerable success with the larger Agrimaster range in agriculture and amenity markets for more than 15 years and are now pleased to introduce the compact range to meet the needs of the park and garden market.

View our new Weaving Compact Range brochure here.

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